Welcome to the world of Intensity, where, we have driven by innovation, adaptation and aeager sense of responsibility, weaving a continuous future of success. We wants to venturing down a most eccentric path which will be create in forefront of taking the art of lingerie manufacturing in the world
The Group has diversified in recent years to encompass the apparel, leisure, power, information technology and retail industries, stamping the respected Intensity standard on each. Recently we boast a rich and diverse heritage with over 3,000 employees, each adding their own thread to the company’s story.
Our production facilities across, Bangladesh are capable of an output of approximately 1.5 million articles of clothing each month. This coupled with the latest technologies and a mature, integrated manufacturing process, to makes the group a market leader in the apparel industry Our business practices reflect our policy of sustainability with the ultimate goal of becoming a completely carbon neutral organization. We have taken the first step towards achieving that goal with multiple strategies to be green and to wear green. We decided actively to implement successful energy saving initiatives across our entire group footprint in order to reiterate our commitment to sustainability and to being a greener organization.
The Intensity committed to being a responsible corporate citizen is reflected in our social responsibility projects currently operating across the country. Taking care of our people and our communities is a priority for us at, and we have been involved in many infrastructure, education and healthcare projects in the areas of the country in which we work.
Intensity is committed to maintain ethical and sustainable working environment. The tireless effort put towards women’s empowerment has put Intensity on the map as a global standard to aspire of success.